Nautical Coaching - The Team - Fernando Pujol

We form the best team, united by our passion for the sea and feel we learn with our participants as they do it with us.

We share the values of cooperation, trust, freedom ... and we have been nurturing a friendship since we started this adventure together.

We are a multidisciplinary team from different backgrounds and experiences. This enriches us in supporting other groups in their own development through Nautical Coaching.

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Fernando Pujol - Corporate Social Responsibility Manager

Fernando Pujol Agostini is Corporate Social Responsibility Manager in Nautical Coaching. Degree in Physical Education degree in Law from the National University of La Plata and professor at Law. He completed a PhD from the University of Barcelona with Physical Activity and the Law as subject matter.

Stunning clarity and deep darkness. Relaxation and stress. Tranquility and fear. Romantic poetry and hard work. Love and phobia. The sea maximizes and accentuates everything, engraving it. It provokes us, proves us and teaches us.
Fernando Pujol
Fernando Pujol
Fernando Pujol
Fernando Pujol

He has worked as a professional lifeguard on the Atlantic coast and as a teacher of Rescue, Lifesaving and First Aid in UCALP. He has taught graduate courses in Peru, Argentina and Spain as a university lecturer.

For years he has introduced the Navigation as a part of the curriculum of many HEIs. He uses sailing as an educational tool, evaluating largely around, its motivational potential.

Experienced sailor has traveled thousands of miles in the Atlantic and the Mediterranean sea, most of them alone. He has participated in some of the most famous races in the Mediterranean sea.

After working years dedicated to teach, Fernando decided to focus his energies on the non-profit social project Nautical Coaching, developing all his altruistic profile within our team.

Why Us

Por qué nosotros

The human group formed by Nautical Coaching bases its knowledge on two pillars:

- The account executives, production team and logistic team, who have a long history as a responsible corporate events, thanks to the experience gained through the companies comprising in Grupo Navega. We can work with guaranteed success at any point on the planet.

- Team Coaches and Staff consist of professionals from different profiles. We add a wide knowledge in experiential coaching in nautical sports of all kinds and a long career in the world of consulting, HR and organizations.

We seek at all times contribute to organizational development of our customers based on three theoretical and practical fields:

• Coaching, NLP, psychology of organizations and system thinking as a theoretical and practical paradigms.

• The nautical sports such as sailing, kayaking or diving among others as experiential environments.

• Design and development of nautical events globally.

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